Voluntary Family Planning and Global Population

by Nellie J

As the Worlds Population continues to spiral out of sustainability… A recent poll reveals some inspiring results! Contraception, which is still viewed by some religious groups as a sin, is set to become the preferred method of voluntary birth control.

We have seen in the past where countries such as China and India put mandatory sterilisation controls into practice. These practices where met with violent protest due to the fact that people saw them as a basic infringement on their human rights!

Population control is a contentious issue,  the recent poll reveals some encouraging results!

World population growth is a major concern for environmentalists!

Last fall Americans for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), now called Friends of UNFPA, commissioned research by Belden Russonello Strategists to gauge support for international family planning issues by people who consider themselves environmentalists (defined as someone who donated or volunteered for an environmental organization in the previous year).


The results of this particular survey were encouraging:

• 94% of environmentalists are aware that the global population is growing, and an overwhelming 90% believe that this growth will have a negative impact on the global environment;

• Environmentalists strongly support funding for international voluntary contraception and 83% support U.S. funding of UNFPA;

• Environmentalists feel that population growth has a negative effect on the environment, especially on the availability of scarce resources;

• Environmentalists believe that contraception can make a big difference in slowing population growth.

Granted, this is a poll of people who self-identify as environmentalists, and not the general populace. Nevertheless, it underscores some important findings and points out the direction we should be moving toward.

Source: The Bay Citizen

Do you think more needs to be done to educate people of the need to curb population growth?

Do you think that voluntary birth control needs to be freely available to anyone whom chooses it for no cost?

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