Web Giant Linked To Online Whale Meat Sales

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Web giant Yahoo is said to be distancing itself from claims that it was promoting the sale of whale meat products on its yahoo.co.jp’s online store.

Many of the products  found on the site by the British-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) are said to come from protected and endangered whale species.

Yahoo has responded by saying that they only have minority shares in Yahoo Japan, and cannot impose unilateral bans upon the site.

Screen grab from website

Web giant Yahoo! is moving to distance itself from a Japanese affiliate found to be promoting the sale of whale meat.

Screen grabs taken from yahoo.co.jp’s online store by the British-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) show it promoting tinned and fresh whale products, despite a ban by Yahoo! on such sales elsewhere in the world. See here and here.

But Yahoo! Inc told Fairfax Media it lacked the power to impose corporate policies on Yahoo! Japan.

EIA’s investigation into the Japanese site turned up 249 whale products for sale.

“Many of these products originate from great whales – namely fin, sei, minke, sperm and Bryde’s whale – all protected species under the moratorium on commercial whaling established by the International Whaling Commission since 1986,” it said.

Among the products, seven were claimed to be for fin whale, a listed endangered species, from Iceland.

EIA said its investigators bought 10 cetacean products through the Yahoo! Japan online store of which three lacked a species name, contravening labelling laws, and five exceeded national limits for mercury contamination.

“DNA analysis of the products … showed one product sold as ‘fin whale bacon from Iceland’ was in fact Southern Ocean minke whale.”

Source: Illawara Mercury

Amazon removed the products within minutes

This is surely an embarrassing situation for Yahoo. In contrast, Amazon Japan acted to remove whale products from their site within minutes after similar allegations were made towards the site.

The search engine world is a highly competitive domain and any bad press relating to the search giants can only have a negative impact on traffic.

Yahoo should act fast to ensure that its reputation doesn’t fall into disrepute with the already sensitive  and volatile market.

It surprises me that people insist on eating whale meat. Not only are many whale populations under threat of extinction, the whale meat itself is said to contain incredibly high levels of the neurotoxin mercury.

Surely there are better products

Surely there are much less dangerous forms of food available that do not require killing whales to satisfy the market.

Do you think that we need to implement a world wide ban on whaling?

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