Whale Meat Sales Take A Deep Dive In Japan

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Distaste leaves whale meat sales in Japan high and dry

Good news for Whales. According to recent information Whale meat sales have seen a decline in popularity in Japanese supply markets.

According to reports the Japanese people are turning away from the meat as it is deemed “distasteful” and many supply chains have dropped the product because the demand for the meat is very low.

Another bi-product of the lack of consumer interest in Whale meat is the cost of refrigeration of the already over stocked meat. Japan is suffering energy problems after the Fukushima disaster.

Meat sales from research take a dive

JAPAN’s whaling fleet, long the target of criticism by environmentalists and foreign governments, is accumulating thousands of tonnes of unsold meat as the country’s consumers turn away from the controversial hunt.

In a series of auctions this year, the government organisation that markets the meat sold only a quarter of the 1200 tonnes of whale hunted last year, leaving 909 tonnes unsold. On top of unsold meat from previous hunts, this brings to 4700 tonnes the total amount of whale stockpiled in Japan.

The failure to sell the whale meat underlines what some environmentalists believe is the strongest and most practical argument against whaling: that not only is it cruel, unethical and ecologically damaging, it is also economically unsustainable.

At a time when Japan’s electricity grid is facing blackouts after the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, industrial refrigerators are preserving hundreds of whale carcasses that no one wants to buy.

“We’ve been having difficulties selling meat from research whaling for the past three or four years,” said Tsunetoshi Ishida of the Institute of Cetacean Research, a pro-whaling organisation. “I have to admit that things are difficult, but I believe that there is still a liking for whale meat. The problem is partly because people don’t have a chance to actually taste it.”

But the evidence suggests that whatever they may think about the ethics of hunting whales, modern Japanese are indifferent to their meat. A survey commissioned by the environmental campaign group Greenpeace four years ago found that four out of five major supermarkets and sushi chains had decided to give up selling it for lack of demand.

Source: The Australian

The lack of consumer interest in eating the left overs of “Whale research” will have an impact on the already struggling Whale meat industry.

Whales should be safe to roam our oceans without danger from us

The biggest hindrance to the Japanese Whaling fleet so far has been the annual campaign by environmental activist group Sea Shepherd who continually hamper the “Whale Research” vessels from hunting and harvesting the endangered species.

We may see an end to the barbaric practice of Whale hunting after all.

The next big item on the agenda will be to convince other Asian countries that eating Shark fin soup is also distasteful.

As we continue to over fish and pollute our oceans at an unsustainable rate, reports like this come as a sign of hope for our planets fragile future.

Are you pleased that Japan is losing its taste for Whale meat?

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