World Bank Releases Environmental Data

by Nellie J

The World Bank has released it’s annual environmental data, which is said to be used as a tool for governments to plan economic policy based upon environmental impact and sustainability.


The World bank is often the target of many conspiracy groups and anti-globalists who claim that the organisation has hidden agendas. Many groups feel that despite the banks claim to help reduce poverty, that through it’s actions, it actually increases it.

Whether or not you believe that the World Bank has hidden agendas, their latest environmental report (the Little Green Data Book) shows some very interesting findings.

Hard earned cash?

The World Bank released its annual compilation of environmental data for more than 200 countries, providing up-to-date information on agriculture, forests and biodiversity, energy and emissions, water and sanitation, environment and health and oceans.

The World Bank ’s Vice President for Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte said the Little Green Data Book 2012 was an important addition to the toolkit for countries to measure, value and manage their natural capital.

Among other sustainability measures, the Little Green Data Book includes an Adjusted Net Savings indicator—also known as “genuine savings”—which calculates the true rate of savings in an economy after taking into account investments in human capital, depletion of natural resources and damage caused by pollution. It also includes an Adjusted Net National Income indicator, which provides a broader measure of national income that accounts for the depletion of energy, mineral and forest resources.

“The information in the Little Green Data Book can help policymakers, communities and other stakeholders take into account the value of natural resources and their role in development,” Rachel Kyte said.

Source: Finchannel

The World Bank is obviously the largest banking cartel on the planet. I am sorry.. but I don’t trust them!

Although the report outlines the economic impact of natural resource depletion, the need to monitor over fishing and the overall affect the we are having on the planet as a species: is not the World bank the same organisation that finances these industries?

Maybe the World Bank and it’s bed fellows could put some of their hard earned billions into developing and encouraging new technologies that don’t have such an impact on our planet?

Imaging the banking cartels financing a project that created free energy. A project that allowed the transfer of electricity, un-metered and absolutely free.

Sorry… Isn’t going to happen! You can’t make money out of that! The World banks primary objective is to generate money for itself. Not free the world of poverty!

What do you think?

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