Chemtrails, What And Why Are They Spraying?

by Editor

Chemtrails are those strange cloud like streaks left behind in the stream of a jet. People all around the world are starting to notice an ever increasing instance of severe weather patterns that have been causing chaos across the globe.

Could there be a link between the chemtrails and the strange weather?

This amazing documentary discusses the relationship between chemtrails, geoengineering and the bizarre weather patterns that are effecting our planet.

Chemtrails… A deadly cocktail?

Scientists have been experimenting with various means of controlling the weather for decades in the guise of controlling global warming.

This startling documentary reveals that there very may well be a hidden agenda to these “climate control experiments”

What are your thoughts on chemtrails and do you think that the Governments need to release the data to the public?

Have you seen chemtrails in your location?

Do you think that something sinister is going on?

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