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"Hopefully by sharing information we can change opinions"

As I sit at my computer desk perusing the net to find out what is going on in our world, I often ask myself “How can anything be more important to anyone than what is happening to our planet?”

It seems that main stream humanity has lost the plot! We are so caught up in our daily lives running to and fro, that we have somewhere along the path, lost our way!

That is why myself and the team decided to start this online newspaper!

We hope that by publishing the latest environmental news from around the world, that we will motivate fellow earthlings into taking action!

Jonny Citizen: Editor


 The Team at Planet Earth Herald


Nellie J

Nellie J

Nellie has a vision for the future of our Planet. “A place where children can enjoy fresh air and clean water!” I feel  strongly about the state of our environment, what else is important? Without it… We are goners!

I will be bringing you news about the environment that has specific interest to women.

I will also keep a watchful eye on our Oceans. I see them as the birthplace of all life on our Planet.


Faith Hope

Faith Hope

Faith Hope has very strong views about the impact of the environment upon our health. Faith practices acupuncture and studied the science in China.

“We understand very little about the long term impact that our current way of living will have on future generations”

As a parent, I am extremely interested in trying to raise awareness about the environment so as to prepare a better planet for my children and their children!



The team will continue to bring you news about the environment from various sources around the planet.

Below we have included our  personal choices on the topics and issues that we personally consider to be the most significant and interesting at this moment.

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