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Here is a collection of hand picked Environmental Documentaries.

These full length Documentaries have been chosen because of their informative nature.

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Global Dimming


 Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification


ZEITGEIST: Moving Forward


Meat The Truth (Warning some viewers may find this disturbing)


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Many of the issues that face our environment today relate to our over use of finite resources. As a species we tend to regard the environment as a never ending source of materials and energy from which we can continue to sustain our current society in a manner that we have grown to take for granted.

If we are to continue our current affluent lifestyle, we must start to make some pretty drastic changes in order to create a sustainable society.

Online documentaries

Current issues?

In these environmental documentaries, some of the issues that we face are covered in a very current and up to date manner. By watching these documentaries you will gain a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and also become aware that there are solutions available for the current issues that face our environment today.

Planet Earth Herald accepts no responsibility for the content included in these documentaries as we merely offer them as an informative method to raise awareness in relationship to the issues that face the environment in our current time.

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