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Planet Earth Herald has compiled a list of some of the biggest Environmental issues that face the planet.

Each of the news articles covered, are considered by us to be of utmost importance to the environment at the present.  The future survival of our planet is dependent on the changes that we all must make. We aim to raise awareness through sourcing news from around the globe and printing the stories that we hope will make a difference in the future.

We live in a time when the environment is at crisis point. We all need to start changing our ways in order to stop the damage that is being done on a daily basis and start the repair process before it is too late!

Editor: Jonny Citizen

Trees Dying Globally At Alarming Rate – Latest Report

In the past few years we have seen millions of trees dying across the globe. Climate change is to blame as the Trees are struggling to cope with the extreme weather and temperature variations associated with global warming.

The “Stomata” or breathing holes in Trees is used to absorb CO2, but also release water when open. According to scientists the stomata in some trees is closing as early as 9am on any given day.


Fukushima Forty-Two Times Worse Than Chernobyl

A leading authority and expert in radiation has released some startling figures on the potential radiation toxicity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Dr. John Apsley states that the fuel pools at Fukushima are 7 times more potent than that of Chernobyl and if unit 4 at Fukushima was to tumble, the radiation released would be equivalent to 1,100 A bombs.


Feeling Guilty About Not Recycling eWaste?

In a world obsessed with electronic communication, portable media devices and the constant need to stay in touch with each other,  people are starting to feel guilty about what happens to their eJunk! Have you ever wondered what happens to that old mobile phone or computer once it’s past the use by date or has been superseded by the latest high tech mobile device?



Ocean Plastic Worse Than Originally Thought!

Discarded plastic waste that makes its way into our oceans, may be worse than we originally thought. The plastic waste is being blown further out to sea by prevailing wind, where the plastic is sinking under the surface leaving the ocean to appear ‘clean’. This affect is like sweeping the mess under the carpet when it comes to a cleaner ocean.



Too Many People… Not Enough Planet Earth

A recent study by the WWF has revealed that over population is playing major havoc with our planet’s health. The study comes as no surprise to anyone who is interested in this topic, as we are all aware that there are just too many people on the planet right now!



No Fish Left In In The Oceans 50 Years From Now?

The ocean is the largest source of food in the world. Fish is the main source of daily protein for 1.2 billion people, but fishers are more and more frequently returning home with empty nets.

Some scientists say that in the last 60 years stocks of large fish have fallen by 90 percent, they are warning that we are facing the collapse of all types of fish species in less than 50 years. The reason for this… Over fishing.


Rio +20 Environment Summit A Waste Of Time

The Rio +20 summit 2012 has been deemed as an absolute waste of time by many environmentalists and scientists. Despite government leaders reporting that the summit was a success, many have claimed that overall, the summit achieved little if not nothing.

Many people including Prince Charles delivered overwhelming speeches regarding the fate of the environment. Despite these emotional heartfelt and rational speeches, no long-term objectives or initiatives were either created or implemented.

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