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Making the right choice for your environmentally sustainable home

If you have been looking at land for sale and are concerned about the environmental sustainability of your land purchase then here are a few pointers to help you assess if the parcel of land is suitable. Not all of us are able to ‘go off the grid’ and dedicate the time and expense of creating an ‘Earth Ark’. But most of us want to engage with environmentally sustainable practices wherever we may live, be that Bahrain, Brisbane or Barbados.


Sustainable Urban Environments

1. Sun

Northerly aspect.

Northerly aspect.

The aspect of the land for sale is very important for the environmental sustainability of a home. Aspect is the direction or facing of a property on a parcel of land. The most favourable aspect for making the most from solar power is a northerly aspect. To determine whether the property has a northerly aspect one must calculate which axis the property runs along. If the longest axis of the property is aligned along the east-west meridian then the property will have a good northerly aspect. This is not a hard and fast rule by any means. The axis may be up to 30 degrees east or 20 degrees west of true north and still gain great benefits from the use of solar powered utilities. Solar technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few decades and today many houses are designed to utilise solar efficient power and hot water. These may already be installed, if not, the installation of solar panels or solar hot water system in a well aspected property will repay for the initial investment many times over.

2. Soil

The first priority for determining the environmental sustainability of a property is to consult the soil tests that were conducted on that land. These tests are compulsory and will be available from the vendor of the land for sale. These tests will determine the stability of the property and the level of contaminants present in the soil. Most properties will have been given a clean bill of health, however, research and preparation are foremost in such an important purchase.

3. Water

Water is our planet’s lifeblood and pure water is essential to our survival as individuals and as a race. With unpredictable weather patterns becoming more and more common, ensuring a regular supply of pure water is paramount to our survival. Many properties in Australia have had subsidised water tanks installed over the last few years; the wise purchaser may take note of the position and capacity of the tank and ease of access to garden beds. If the terrain is particularly arid some consideration may be given to the installation of a grey water system to ensure the ongoing survival of garden beds and any permaculture installations during drought.

4. Plants

Sun, Soil and Water all contribute to healthy vegetation. For environmentally sustainable living much consideration should be given to the creation of good gardens. Permaculture practice is a burgeoning field in part due to the ethical philosophy and elegant design principles. The wonderful thing about Permaculture gardens is that one can engage at whatever capacity we can.

Urban Permaculture – Part 1

That may be a small easily accessible herb garden by the back step, or a self-sustaining property. We can observe the current conditions of the gardens and for larger property purchases, the inclusion of machinery to assist with land maintenance.

The choice of where we live and what we surround ourselves with us is a vital one to wellbeing and happiness. For a choice as large as a property purchase please take time to consider what will be suit you and your loved ones.

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Artists impression of future utopia.

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