Interview With The Miner

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In an exclusive interview with Planet Earth Herald,  a mining employee speaks to us about the environmental considerations and policies that massive mining corporations would have us believe that they actually implement.

For legal reasons the miners name shall remain anonymous.

"I could not believe the impact mining had on the river!"

“When we first arrived at the mining site, we were ushered into a room for an induction meeting. The meeting basically comprised of instructing us of our obligations to not inform the outside world  via social media i.e. facebook, myspace, twitter, phone text and email, or speak on the phone about the practices or any goings-on inside the mine. They proudly told us how much remuneration they offered to the traditional landowners of the area, which in this case was $20 million per year for each active mining lease that the corporation was running. I thought this was nothing” he said “This particular mine was making more than $1 billion profit per year!”

Tell us about the environmental procedures after the mining Corporation has finished extracting its yield from the earth.

“The environmental policies that the mining corporations talk about is merely a public relations exercise. They talk a lot and spend more money on bogus environmental reports, to get the general public to believe that they rehabilitate the environment after the mining has ceased. I visited several sites where mining had stopped over a decade ago and it was unbelievable the devastation to the environment that had occurred as a result of mining. In one situation, the corporation had to dam a river to stop the mine from flooding.That river is now overgrown and polluted with weeds and byproducts from the results of mining.” He said. “In my opinion the river will never recover and the mining company doesn’t seem to give a stuff and the dam is still there!”

When you say you weren’t allowed to post anything about the mine to social media sites such as Facebook, what exactly were the warnings you were given?

“They told us that any mention of the goings-on of the mine or anything defamatory or derogatory about the company would result in instant dismissal and possible litigation. There was also a particular crew that had been working for the corporation for many years and they were religiously faithful to the corporation. If they overheard any derogatory comments or mention of any bad environment practices, they would report you to management and you would be instantly fired” he said.

“We call that kind of sacking the window seat, as you would be on the next plane out of the mine and it was usually deserted!” He said.

"Their environment policies are public relations exercises"

“A lot of people don’t realise that the mining corporations basically take over an entire area, build an infrastructure to house the workers, and to maintain all the machinery. They take everything they can out of the ground, do as little as possible to rehabilitate the environment, shut the mine down and move on. Sure it creates jobs and miners get paid really well. The profit margins for these massive corporations are just unbelievable” He said.

“I think if the general public actually saw the devastation to the environment that mining causes, in my opinion a lot of people would start to think seriously about the way in which we use resources.”

What do you think?

Should mining companies be held accountable for the environmental damage that they cause?

Should there be a unbiased independent third-party assessment involved and a proper environmental impact study done before and after mining has commenced?

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