Japanese Dolphin Zoo Next To Killing Fields

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The Japanese are proposing to build a Dolphin petting Zoo smack bang next to the infamous Dolphin slaughter sight in Taiji!

This may sounds like the most insanely arrogant dichotomy of the century, but it is true. Taiji which was placed on the map by the film “The Cove” is best known for its annual brutal slaughter of Dolphins for the sale of Dolphin meat and to provide Dolphins to marine parks globally at a high price.

This kind of report makes me wonder… Are we as humans surely losing our minds?

Dolphin anyone?

It sounds like it ought to be a sick joke. But in the town made infamous for its annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins, tourists will now be able to swim and play with the mammals in a zoo near where the cull takes place.

Taiji, featured in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, is to build a whale zoo. Yet despite the move, officials say the cull will continue.

Local media reports say the picturesque town on Japan’s Pacific coast plans to populate the proposed 69-acre marine mammal park with bottlenose dolphins and pilot and other small whales caught nearby.

The town, in the Higashimuro district of Wakayama, has been the target of international criticism for almost a decade over the hunt, in which up to 2,000 animals are killed for their meat or sold to aquariums and marine parks.

The meat from a single animal can fetch up to 50,000 yen (£390), but aquariums have paid more than 10m yen for certain types.

Pressure to end the cull intensified after the 2009 release of The Cove. In order to make the film, directed by Louie Psihoyos, the crew broke into the fenced-off bay and installed hidden cameras to capture footage of the hunt.

Source: The Guardian

I suppose that the upside of the Dolphin Zoo is that a few animals will be spared the barbaric slaughter usually associated with Taiji?

Perhaps visitors to the Dolphin Zoo could enjoy a leisurely swim with a Dolphin before heading over to the canteen to enjoy a Dolphin Burger?

Maybe the Japanese could start a new restaurant chain where you actually get to swim with the Dolphin, see it get slaughtered, then sit down and eat it?

As you can see I am incensed at this proposal and think that all Dolphins should be free to live peacefully in the wild! There are plenty of marine parks around the globe where you can see and interact with Dolphins that are still free to swim the Ocean.

What do you think?

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