Next Generation Determined To Sort Out The Planet

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As past generations have left their legacy by polluting and damaging the environment with little concern for the consequences, it seems that the upcoming generation are determined to “sort out the planet”.


A recent global poll of more than 6,000 kids in 47 countries has revealed that pollution is the biggest concern for more than 25 per cent of children.


This was despite the fact that almost one in three ten to 12-year-olds had experienced natural disasters including drought, flood or fires. However, 20 per cent of children did name natural disasters as their biggest environmental concern.

What’s more, there was found to be a difference between developing and developed countries.

In the industrialised world, one in three children said children said pollution was their top concern, and 16 per cent even singled out global warming.

The number of children most concerned about pollution in the developing world, however, was significantly lower, with just 26 per cent naming this their top concern.

Meanwhile, 23 per cent of kids in these countries cited natural disasters as the environmental thing they were most worried about.

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Regional studies made it quite clear that children are more likely to be concerned about the environmental issues that directly affect them.

In industrialised nations, young people are concerned about pollution.

In countries like Africa, which experience severe droughts, children are more likely to be concerned about climatic events rather than pollution.

In developed industrial nations like China, children are more likely to be concerned about pollution than natural disasters.

Previous generations of young people had ungrounded fears about ghosts and monsters where it appears that the upcoming  generation has reality based fears of pollution, global warming and species extinction!

Many youth activists websites are becoming popular with young people. We are starting to see more sites like Kids Vs Global Warming appearing on a regular basis.

Young people today are starting to voice their concerns for the future of planet in a bid to undo some of the damage done by previous generations.

Kids are taking action through social media and are trying to get their message through to politicians. It appears that a lot of kids are actually more informed than their “grown up” counter parts.

In the future the next generation of leaders will be chosen because of their environmental policies. Young people today are disappointed by the current trend of leaders to ignore environmental concerns.

What do you think? As a young person are you concerned about the future of the planet? What steps need to be taken in order to start rectifying the situation?

Do you think or feel that the previous generations are responsible and should be held accountable for their actions?

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