No Fish Left In In The Oceans 50 Years From Now?

by Editor

The ocean is the largest source of food in the world. Fish is the main source of daily protein for 1.2 billion people, but fishers are more and more frequently returning home with empty nets.


Some scientists say that in the last 60 years stocks of large fish have fallen by 90 percent, they are warning that we are facing the collapse of all types of fish species in less than 50 years. The reason for this… Over fishing.

Long-line fishing vessels deploy 1.4 billion hooks a year, each with a slice of fish hanging from them as bait. There are trawling vessels that cast nets with an opening up to the size of 4 football fields, that’s big enough to hold 13 jumbo jets!

Tons of fish are wasted!

These nets can catch up to 500 tons of fish. Amongst the 500 tons there is a lot of bi-catch. Bi-catch is marine creatures that are incidentally caught…. Often at large quantity.

Typically shrimp trawlers throw 80 to 90 percent of the dead marine creatures caught back over board. It is estimated that for every kilo of shrimp caught that up to 9 kilos of other marine wildlife is caught and wasted.

Marine aqua-culture or fish farming is seen as a lifeline for fish. Many of the fish that are farmed are carnivorous or eat other fish to survive. 5 kilos of captured wild fish is needed to produce 1 kilo of farmed fish.

Watch the horrifying video above for more information on ways and means to stop the terrible degradation of our seas. Click here to follow and join the campaign to end over fishing in our world.

Have your say and comment on the state of the worlds fish stocks. Are we doing enough to ensure the safety of our fish? Will you stop eating fish?

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