Obama Attends Korea Nuclear Summit

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In an encouraging sign to ending the threat of nuclear war, President Barrack Obama is attending the nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea.  The overall goal of the summit is to secure nuclear material and stop it from being transported across borders.

Is this summit general in nature or really targeted at North Korea?

News Source: SMH

Obama Attends Nuclear Summit in Korea

US President Barack Obama is opening his pitch for faster work to lock down nuclear material that could be used by terrorists with an up-close look at the nuclear front lines along the heavily militarised border with volatile North Korea.

Obama arrived in Seoul on Sunday morning, local time, for three days of diplomacy. In the midst of an election year focused on economic concerns at home, Obama has designed a rare Asia visit that features time in just one country. He’ll use much of the time to keep pressure on North Korea to back off a planned rocket launch and return to disarmament talks.

The goal of the large gathering of world leaders is to secure nuclear material and prevent it from being smuggled to states or groups intent on mass destruction. Progress has been uneven since the ambitious goal of lock down by 2014 was first set out by Obama at a similar session in Washington in 2010. No breakthroughs are expected now.

The summit will bring together nuclear-armed nations, plus those with civilian nuclear energy plants and several seeking to build them. Several non-nuclear nations and international organisations, including the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency, are attending.

Countries known or suspected to have nuclear weapons are the US, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Scores of countries still have research reactors fuelled by weapons-usable uranium, and medical devices that use radioactive materials that could be fashioned into a “dirty bomb” are scattered all over the world.

Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to attend the summit? Or do you think the summit is a waste of time?

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