Prepping For Survival Of Extreme Weather

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Prepping is a term that describes being prepared for emergency situations in advance. With the increase of extreme weather situations due to global warming, it makes sense to have a basic survival kit on hand in the event that you cannot access the regular goods and services that we all depend on for survival.


Recently my city encountered a 1 in 100 year flood (sound familiar) within 6 hours all of the major super markets and stores were sold out of essential items, storable foods and batteries. Electricity was out for 3 days and a general air of desperation descended upon my city as people who had not prepared for such an event stood in lines with their families in order to gain access to the basic requirements to sustain survival… Food and Water!

There are many internet sites that have appeared recently that are devoted to prepping, but many of them are doomsday based and assume that some kind of massive global disaster is imminent.

Some of the impending disasters include:

  • Massive Earthquakes
  • Solar Flares
  • Nuclear Wars
  • Shifting of the Poles

Whether or not you believe that one of the above disasters is certain, one thing that is certain is that we are seeing an increase globally of extreme weather conditions that cause the break down of infrastructure that we all rely on for survival.

Here is a guide to what you can do to “prep” for one of these events.


Always make sure that you have a clean supply of water stored in a safe place. Have at least 30 litres per person in your house. This will get you through 4 days comfortably. Make sure that the water is fresh and replenish the supply often to ensure it doesn’t go sour.


Start stocking up on canned and dehydrated food (milk powder) that can be stored and consumed without cooking. (remember that all services will be down) Include spices and condiments.

Don’t forget your favorite toiletries like toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, soap, shampoo, detergent, makeup, etc. Start off with a 3 day supply and gradually increase over time.

First Aid kit.

Make sure you have a decent first aid kit. Getting someone to a hospital or doctor may become impossible in the event of an extreme weather event.


Build up a stock pile of batteries that can be used in flash lights and radios.


Make certain that have plenty of candles and matches or lighters.


Get yourself a battery powered radio so you can keep up to date with what is happening outside and get information on emergency services.

Mobile Phone.

Always have a spare mobile phone that is fully charged. An old crappy one without all the “bling” is best as they last for days without a recharge! Use the phone sparingly during the event so as not to waste the battery.


Always have at $100 cash on hand as A.T.M’s and credit card facilities will be out of action.

Make sure you have plenty of essential items.

During the black out or disaster situation it is important to keep up your moral and support the moral of others. Another good idea is to make acquaintances with your neighbours as local community support maybe essential.

The key to prepping for a weather event or natural disaster is to expect it to upset the normal flow of goods and services for up to a week.

In most cases once the dust has settled, emergency services or the military usually offer back up support to the populous.

Above all stay calm and adhere to the instructions made available via the radio. Many people ignore warnings to venture outside and end up in serious danger.

What do you think?

Have you had to sit out an extreme weather event and did you prep for the event?

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