Prince Charles Warns Of Environmental Catastrophe

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Charles issues warning about the state of the planet.

In a pre-recorded video to be shown at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Brazil, Prince Charles has issued a warning stating that immediate action action needs to be taken in order to avert a catastrophe.


The Prince has also expressed his concerns about the world’s current practices which have drawn many millions into poverty.

The statement also focuses upon the global increase in carbon emissions and the need to take heed of the warnings issued by scientists.

He said the failure of the global community to act against warming “despite   countless such meetings” was made against the background of “increasingly   dire warnings”.

Prince Charles has warned of “catastrophic” consequences for mankind if global decision makers fail to come up with a program of action at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Brazil.

In a pre-recorded video speech that was to be shown to the conference, which will run June 20-22, Prince Charles said he had “watched in despair” at how slow progress had sometimes been.

“As I speak, the world’s rainforests continue to be destroyed, wiping out so much of the world’s vital biodiversity and removing our chances of storing carbon naturally.”

And we continue to ignore the painful lessons of the so-called ‘Green Revolution’ in India by intensifying our food production methods in such blinkered, chemically and technologically based ways, that the land and the oceans are now both beginning to fail.”

There was scientific evidence to show that the risks and potential consequences could no longer be ignored, he said.

“Like a sleepwalker, we seem unable to wake up to the fact that so many of the catastrophic consequences of carrying on with ‘business-as-usual’ are bearing down on us faster than we think, already dragging many millions more people into poverty and dangerously weakening global food, water and energy security for the future.”

The most important thing was to gain more knowledge about the “actual state of the planet”, Prince Charles said.

Source: SMH

When we see world leaders such as Prince Charles expressing dire concerns for the future of our planet… Isn’t it time to “wake up” and start to implement much needed change?

Just as Charles stated, the consequences for ignoring the scientific evidence will lead man kind into a catastrophic dilemma of irreparable damage.

The world is a time bomb

The world is a ticking time bomb at this stage in history and if we don’t act as a global community immediately… We may very well see the end of the world!

Leaders need to start focusing on the solutions to the problems that face our planet. We need to pool all of our technological resources into diverting the situation as it stands.

As the people, we need to start expressing our concerns to leaders telling them to take action.


What do you think? Will the Prince’s speech make a difference or is it all just hot air?

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