Rio +20 Environment Summit A Waste Of Time

by Editor

The Rio +20 summit has been deemed as an absolute waste of time by many environmentalists and scientists. Despite government leaders reporting that the summit was a success, many have claimed that overall, the summit achieved little if not nothing.


Many people including Prince Charles delivered overwhelming speeches regarding the fate of the environment. Despite these emotional heartfelt and rational speeches, no long-term objectives or initiatives were either created or implemented.

Leaders failed to commit.

As world leaders gathered in Brazil for a three-day United Nations conference on global sustainable development, the fragile state of Europe’s economy seems to have overshadowed proceedings with many of the world’s leaders and decision makers not attending.

Under the shadow of the economic crisis, delegates said that these nations would not agree on new financing for developing nations to promote sustainable development. As the summit comes to a close, negotiators have produced what critics are calling a ‘watered down document that makes few advances on protecting the environment’.

Source: The Zimbabwean

In the process leading up to the summit many opportunities were provided for major groups of civil society to provide their recommendations. Only a few recommendations were made and the environmental groups combined with the scientific community felt that Rio did not deliver what is necessary to move the planet towards a sustainable future.

Many reported of “Enviromental Collapse”

Hundreds of scientists reported to the summit that life on Earth is on the way to an irreversible tipping point. If countries continue “business as usual” then it is absolutely certain that the environment will face a meltdown.

When it came to concerns over implementing and funding for new technologies and sustainable energy, many of the developed countries shied away from the subject and made no commitment. The sad fact of these lack of decisions, is that there are many technologies that simply need funding to develop the projects into economically viable alternatives.

Judging by the response of many of our world’s leaders to the projected environmental crisis, we can expect to see little or no change in government policies when it comes to managing the Earth’s environment.

It seems that our politicians are more interested in economic policies that will satisfy the average voters need to escape from their fear of poverty. As the world’s population continues to grow exponentially we will see major environmental catastrophes occurring within our lifetimes. This reality however does not seem to concern our leaders!

Clean water and clean air deemed unimportant.

What good is strong economic development without clean air and water? The legacy that we are leaving behind for future generations is a sad indictment on the current mindset of these times.

Are you disappointed with our leaders lack of commitment to begin the process of fixing the environment?

Do you think that many leaders attended the summit as a public relations campaign? Are you concerned that little effort is being put in to creating a sustainable future and a green economy?

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