Solar Energy… Here Comes The Power Of The Sun

by Faith Hope

Solar energy is the one solution to the energy crises, that above all other sources seems to make the most sense. The hunt for energy from fossil fuels continues to cause problems for our planet.

Fossil fuels have become a source of speculation and speculators want to earn money. Fossil fuels mean power and supplies may be forthcoming or cut off at will, which could lead to war.

Fortunately the search for gas or oil seems to be losing ground to a new revolution… Solar Energy.

Nations such as Germany have embraced the technology and now make up most of their energy needs from solar. Read more…

A solar energy plant in the Sahara can fuel the globe.

One of the myths about solar energy is that it takes up a lot of room. The truth is that a solar energy plant that covered about 300,000 square kilometers in the Sahara Desert would be enough to meet the global need for electricity. From a global perspective, this is a modest area.

As the world continues to suffer at the will of fossil fuel giants whom maintain the balance of power, the technologies are often seen as an “uneconomically viable alternative.”

This is not the case as many leaders in solar energy technology have seen massive growth in their industry.

If we are to face the future and leave the planet in a respectable condition for the next generations, we must put aside selfish profiteering and embrace the sun!

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