Solar Flare 2012 NASA Issues Global Warning!

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The sun is in a major solar flare activity phase at the moment as NASA issues warnings globally. The sun has a twelve year solar cycle that is at its peak right now, according to scientists and sun weather agencies across the planet.


It has been predicted for many years that the largest of the suns sunspots will be directly facing the planet during 2012.

Many doomsday prophets and fanatical religious groups are on full alert as they prepare to meet their makers. Meanwhile back on planet earth we can expect to see some fantastic displays as aura borealis flickers its particle lights across the night skies at the poles.

Solar Flare 2012 here we come!

Solar flare 2012 is making waves. The latest sunspot AR 1476 is as big as 100,000 kilometer. It was detected on May 5 by NASA scientists. 

Solar flares are not going to die down anytime soon. Instead of slowing down, more ferocious solar flares are set to hit the earth in the coming days. A mammoth sunspot that is bigger than the size of earth is becoming troublesome in particular. This sunspot is sending regular solar flares that may be dangerous for earth in coming days.  

The sun has become particularly active in recent times. The sun is waking up and this active sun may pose threat to the earth in the long run. Solar flares, despite many warnings have remained more or less harmless, but as their intensity increases, these solar flares may become a lot dangerous in the coming days.

Source: NVO News

Little is known about the impact that a massive solar flare will have upon modern technology. NASA issues warnings to satellite operators so as they can shut down the systems so as to avoid damage to the sensitive electronic equipment on board.

The last major solar flair that hit the planet in the late 1800’s shutdown the telegraph systems across the U.S.

It is feared that a major solar storm or flare could shutdown communications networks across the globe, causing a virtual meltdown.

As we become more reliant on technology to run our lives… This kind of meltdown could throw the planet into chaos!

My advice is to make sure you update your facebook, send that email that you have been meaning to send for a while and make sure you have plenty of fuel for your portable generator, because in reality there is little else that you can do!

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