Speaking Out Against Whale And Dolphin Parks

by Editor

Each year hundreds of Whales and Dolphins are captured in the wild and are sold to marine entertainment parks to supply a demand in the growing industry.

Most of these Aquariums are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of animals in places like Taiji Japan.

The animals that do not make the grade are slaughtered for meat. The animals are robbed of their freedom and use for public entertainment and in some cases promote their parks as part of an environmental education program that benefits the species.

This documentary shines some light upon a topic that most people would choose to ignore.

What we don’t see when we go to “pet” the Dolphin or toss the Tuna at a Killer Whale is the suffering that these animals have endured and do endure as a result of their captivity.

In some cases Marine Parks and Aquariums may boast of protecting certain endangered species, but in all cases the ends does not justify the means.

Born free, Died a prisoner?

Born free, Died a prisoner?

Whales and Dolphins are born to roam the vast oceans of our planet, free and safe from human intrusion, yet we feel the need to round up and control these beasts in order to yet again generate profits for the few and exert our domination as the head species.

Despite all of this public fascination with Dolphins and Whales… Dolphin and Whale slaughter is alive and well.

What are your thoughts on this documentary and do you think enough is being done to protect our marine mammals?

Did you know that Whales and Dolphins are often hunted and traded illegally behind closed doors in order to provide your family with entertainment during your vacation?

Do you feel that corporations like Sea World need to become marine mammal rehabs for sick or injured animals and that should be the show?

Do you think your children would approve of some of the methods used?

Do you think that Marine Mammals like Whales and Dolphins deserve  their freedom?

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