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Coal Seam Gas Mining is an environmental nightmare! It ruins the aquifers and this has already happened in the U.S. and China where they now have to import clean water in an attempt to fix them!

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Info Source: Lock The Gate

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Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is methane gas found in coal seams. Often referred to as “unconventional Gas”, CSG should not be confused with Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) which is also known as “conventional gas”.   CSG is a newer resource extracted from coal deposits that are too deep to mine economically. The methane lies in pores and ‘cleats’ in the coal seams and is trapped there by water.   When burnt, methane produces about 40% less greenhouse gas than coal. Un-burnt it is at least 20 times more polluting than carbon dioxide (CO2). The process of removing methane from a coal seam sees a large amount leaking into the atmosphere, adding significantly to greenhouse pollution.  

Your health and safety

There are many hazards involved with CSG extraction. CSG wells and pipelines are fire and explosion hazards. Over 50% of wells tested in Queensland leak methane. Many landholders have reported instances of methane in their stock watering bores and even household taps.   Investigations in USA have revealed serious effects from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals (eg uranium, lead, mercury) and other compounds naturally present in coal seams. These may be brought to the surface via leaks or in the associated water. Of the compounds typically released, 25% are carcinogenic; 37% affect the endocrine system; 52% affect the nervous system; 40% affect the immune system; and 100% affect the respiratory system. Many compounds affect several systems whether drunk in contaminated water or inhaled.

Water tables

CSG extraction poses serious risks to fresh water aquifers. The huge volumes extracted from coal seams can lead to major depletion’s in adjoining aquifers used for drinking water, agriculture, other industries and fire fighting. Aquifers may also be connected to surface water systems; fracturing and the chemical residues from fracking may cause potentially irreversible contamination to both ground and surface water sources.


The water taken from the coal seam is toxic and must be handled with extreme care. The dissolved salts permanently ruin good farming land the water  contacts, making it useless for agriculture or pastoral production. It is toxic to aquatic life if spilled into creeks or rivers. There is no reasonable or practical method of dealing with the vast amounts of saline water that will be brought to the surface.   Clearing of native vegetation for well sites destroys wildlife habitats and constant industrial noise scares away much of what remains. Weeds are introduced and  spread by hundreds of vehicle movements.   A methane leakage rate of 3% of total well production cancels out any emissions advantage gas has over coal. The latest research conservatively estimates a methane leakage rate of  3.6% – 7.9% of total well production. Over 20 years, this gives CSG a greenhouse gas footprint at least 20% greater than coal.

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