Tree Lopping From A Greenies Point Of View

by Jamie Grant

Unashamed Greenie.

I am an unashamed greenie. I have worked for Greenpeace, attended protests in forests, marched in city streets, made banners and flown my green flag high. Most of my friends are greenies and are into the preservation of green spaces and advocate a sustainable lifestyle. One of those friends happens to be a tree removal specialist. He has walked with me on marches and is passionate about nature, yet one thing I have wondered is how he can maintain a green outlook and yet be involved in the removal of trees in the urban environment.

Not so long ago I asked him about his views on the differences he sees between his job – Tree Lopping, and his passion for the environment. I was curious if he had a moral gap between his beliefs and his work and in short his answer was no and his reasons specific.

Carefully selected.

Carefully selected.

One of the most important parts of his work is to go into a suburban yard here in sunny Brisbane and remove trees that pose some kind of threat to life or property. When the storm season hits Brisbane there may be hundreds of broken trees that require repair or removal. Many householders in Brisbane ensure that their yards are made storm ready and enlist the services of a tree lopping professional to ensure large or threatening trees are pared down to a safer size and shape. Tree specialists will be able to advise householders as to ways in which to storm proof their gardens. This kind of storm preparation is vital for areas such as Brisbane, as large trees can pose a danger not only to our homes and families, but also to powerlines, roads and other infrastructure.

354222Another vital part of his work is removing trees that are unsuitable for the environment in which they are growing. Perhaps someone planted a tree that later became a monster unexpectedly, or perhaps suburbia has simply crowded in on a towering giant and left it stranded in a sea of brick and tile. It is quite common for prime examples of a valuable type of tree to be given a Vegetation Protection Order or VPO, which ensures its preservation. Most people value these trees, as they will often add value to the home or property on which they are situated. Tree experts such as my friend will attend to these protected trees as there are specific guidelines around their care and maintenance. Having a good background in what council by laws around tree management means that he can help people choose the best plants for their garden.

The salient reason my friend can combine both his love of the environment and his job as a tree removal specialist is in creating a harmonious relationship between people and the plants we are surrounded by. Sometimes that might require tree removal, repair or restoration, but it also involves educating people about their gardens and the best way to maintain a thriving garden here in beautiful sub tropical Brisbane.

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Trees are a natural assest and we all need to start taking care of trees.

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