US Prepares For Superstorm Hurricane Sandy

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The US is preparing itself for what is being dubbed “The biggest storm in the history of The United States” Ten of millions of people are bracing themselves in anticipation as the “Superstorm” is expected to hit the East Coast sometime this evening. (10/29/2012)

In anticipation of the potential destructive power of the super storm, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated.

Tens of millions of people braced themselves for the arrival of hurricane Sandy on Sunday, as the gigantic storm threatened to unleash punishing winds, driving rain, heavy snow and a potentially lethal storm surge along the east coast of the US.

The hurricane, which has claimed 65 lives in the Caribbean, is also likely to play havoc with the US election, introducing a fresh element of uncertainty and disruption in the final days of the closely contested campaign.

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In another report President Obama attended a briefing where he issued the following warning.

President Obama, who attended a briefing with officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, called Hurricane Sandy “a big and serious storm.” He said federal officials were “making sure that we’ve got the best possible response to what is going to be a big and messy system.”

“My main message to everybody involved is that we have to take this seriously,” the president said.

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NYC transit has been suspended at this stage and as many as 375,000 people have been evacuated from low lying areas in preparation for the storm.

New York City’s public transport system is to be suspended ahead of the arrival on Monday of Hurricane Sandy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the subway, bus and train services would shut down from 19:00 (23:00 GMT) on Sunday.

As many as 375,000 people have been ordered to evacuate low-lying areas, and schools will be shut.

Sandy’s winds are set to intensify as it merges with a wintry storm from the western US. A number of states on the East Coast have declared an emergency.

Up to 60 million people could be affected by the storm, which is set to hit several states key to the 6 November presidential election.

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As the US Presidential Election campaign draws to an end the two Presidential contenders have had to modify their schedule.

Hurricane Sandy has already killed 60 people in the Caribbean in the last week and the death toll is expected to rise.

The bout of strange and severe weather that we are experiencing across the planet, is being blamed on global warming by many including weather experts.

The incidence of severe weather continues to rise.

We at the Planet Earth Herald send out our prayers and support to all of those who are suffering from these extreme weather conditions.

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