Whaling And Dolphin Killing Alive And Well In Japan Despite Opposition

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Bairds Beaked Whale – A few days ago in abashiri – hokkaido … Courtesy of Thomas Gainard

Despite the efforts of global oppostiton groups and governments worldwide; the Whale and Dolphin slaughter by Japan continues. Although the latest general consensus by the Japanese people is that eating Dolphin and Whale meat is distasteful, the industry is alive and kicking.


At present the supply far outweighs demand and most of the meat is being stockpiled in giant freezers, further adding to the global environmental crises by creating green house gases.

Environmental activist such as Sea Shepherd continue to hinder the whaling in an attempt to totally stop the industry. A move which is met with much support from the global community.

Despite global opposition, protests, outrage and all science condemning the consumption of cetacean meat as toxic and hazardous, Japanese whalers and dolphin killers continue the slaughter. According to a Sea Shepherd Wednesday evening (ET) tweet:

Taiji: 12 killing boats have left Taiji & are headed out to sea. Once again we can only hope that no dolphins will be found. #Tweet4Taiji

September 1 marked international Save Japan Dolphins Day with global protests and pleas to the Japanese government in front of Japanese consulates to put an end to the annual “drive” of of to 20,000 dolphins annually into small killing coves such as in Taiji, presented in the award-winning documentary The Cove. http://www.savejapandolphins.org/

A Rare Beaked whale killed by Japanese whalers a few days ago in Abashiri , Hokkaido Prefecture source: Thomas Gainard, IWPO and Japanese blog

http://www.internationalwhaleprotection.org/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F1… IWPO

The beaked whales are not well understood because they are so rarely seen. Their populations are in trouble for various reasons, and they actually killed one. For money… but whales? They treat them like they’re lives are valueless. This is part of the coastal whaling quota they allocated themselves. It renders us completely speechless. ..


Japan has been the center stage for the whaling controversy, continuing to kill large whales and dolphins –although greatly hindered for the past 5 years at sea by relentless pressure from Sea Shepherd (as seen on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars) and from global pressure due to the popularity of The Cove.

Japan kills and processes whales under a loophole in the International Whaling Commission moratorium allowing cetaceans to be taken for ‘scientific research”. Central to the argument against whaling are the theories of cetacean intelligence and the degree of suffering the mammals endure during the kill. During the annual IWC meetings, pro-and anti-whaling country representatives lock horns and discuss gruesome details such as killing methods, quotas and amount of time from when a whale is harpooned until s/he dies.

Iceland, Norway and surprisingly the United States are whaling countries, allowing aboriginal or subsistence whaling.


Source: Examiner

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A few weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to go out on a boat off the coast of Australia and get up close and personal with some Humpback Whales. We switched the music on the boat over to Pink Floyd’s classic “Shine on you crazy diamond” and almost at once the Whales came close to the boat, circling us with a playful nature. They seemed to respond positively to the dulcet tones in the music.

It was at that point that I came to the full realisation that these beautiful creatures are not only very intelligent, but also totally defenseless.

There must come a time very soon when Dolphin and Whale slaughter is banned. We must start to preserve and protect these infamous sea creatures from the likes of greedy people who only have profits to gain from destroying creatures that belong to us all.

Follow the links on this page to join and support others that are trying to stop the slaughter of Dolphins and Whales by Japan.

What do think? Have you ever experienced Whales or Dolphins in the wild?

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